Healthy Baby Food Recipe – Egg Custard for Toddler & Kids l Easy Stirred Egg Pudding l 12+ months

Egg Custard Recipe. Easy Stirred/ Soft Eggs pudding. No-Bake Toddler, Kids & Adults Recipe (Whole Family Meal Ideas)
Healthy Recipes for Baby, 12+ months….

Egg custard ingredients:
Eggs (room temperature)
Whole milk (room temperature)
Agave nectar/Maple syrup/Honey
Cornstarch/All purpose flour
Vanilla extract

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Eggs for Babies (Toddler and Kids)
Eggs are great source of protein and with milk, it makes a complete & yummy meal for baby. This stirred egg custards also known as soft custard, custard sauce or boiled custard. It’s perfect to use as fillings, sauces, ice cream bases and can be served as a pudding or over cake or fruit or by itself.

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Baby Food (Toddler and Kids) – Egg custard / Stirred egg pudding
All babies are different. So before introducing any new food to babies, always check with babies pediatricians…..

Before making any baby food, always wash your hands and all the utensils, which will be used to make baby food. And don’t forget to wash all the ingredients….


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